A is for Asana

Only a few months later than I had hoped, but I’ve finally got round to writing my first post!

The yoga bubble in sunny Andalusia has definitely been popped because I’m back to lectures in Wales – but I’ve returned from my Yoga Teacher Training with a TON of ideas for blog posts! Lots of research and writing to be done, but I thought I’d start off with a little bit about me, my yoga journey so far, and what I’ll be writing on these scripts. I’m a final year Medical student (and newly qualified yoga teacher!) and decided to create this blog as an extension of my Instagram. My captions were getting excessive and ideas growing rapidly, so it was time to get writing on a new platform…

I first started practicing yoga over 2 years ago during my intercalated degree at university. Having a bit of extra free time meant I could try a whole range of new activities, from cross-country to yoga! Long-distance running was not my calling, but I did fall head over heels in love with yoga. It started as a form of exercise that I could truly say I enjoyed, and one that calmed my competitive nature. Then came Instagram; having a wonderful community of friends and teachers on social media meant I had a warm welcome to the online community. It’s been a real source of inspiration and a creative outlet that I continue to use to develop my personal practice.

The really real yoga began when I got introduced to the “wellness” movement, and realised that what had initially been just a hobby could be something more. Both in and alongside medicine, yoga is gathering attention and has a growing evidence base as a practice that can reap a whole host of mental and physical health benefits – and there are other people who believe this too!

I have a vision of yoga playing a role in holistic wellbeing in a really practical, everyday way. I truly believe the strongest benefit is its potential to be accessible by huge numbers of people. It doesn’t need to be necessarily expensive or time consuming, high intensity or active, or even spiritual and zen! It can be exactly what you need it to be, with the potential to address the areas of your life that might need a little more attention; to bring back some balance. I hope to promote the image of yoga, really showing the diversity of styles and spectrum of health benefits. It’s not just about getting stretchy stretchy but making it your own and taking what you want from it; because when it comes to yoga, it really is for everybody and every body. I’m not entirely sure how to get there just yet, but I’ve begun with completing my 200h YTT in order to lay down the foundations!

Joining the conversation, sharing my thoughts and exploring the evidence base is a start and The Yoga Script is the place. So thank you –thankyou- for reading this far! I’ve every intention of using this to create something informative and thought-provoking that I hope you’ll enjoy… so watch this space!

Yoga pic

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